Important Note

We service orders 6 days a week. In case of any delay, our team will inform you on a priority basis. You can contact us on: 079 48484848 (Open 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM, Monday to Saturday) and whatsapp on 079 48484848

Is eSwasthya a pharmacy?
No, eSwasthya is an on demand service provider which will proceed the order via its registered pharmacist(s) by pharmacy practice.
So, how will I get my medicines?
The prescription that you provide to us is validated by a team of pharmacists and is then passed on to a pharmacy in your vicinity. The sale of medicines can only be done by a licensed pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.
How does my prescription get validated?
We check if a registered medical practitioner has generated the prescription. We then look at the date of visit and duration of medication, to check if the prescription has expired. We also check if the quantity of medicines ordered matches with the prescription.
If I upload a prescription, will my order be confirmed immediately?
No, After the verification of your credentials and prescription validity by the certified pharmacist - we will proceed your order towards confirmation on the basis of availability and you will be notified for the same via confirmation call. In case, if we are unable to fulfill some medicines we will notify you via SMS, Email or Call. Please read terms and conditions on the website.
Will I need the original prescription at time of delivery?
Yes. As per the government regulations, patient must be in possession of the original prescription at the time of delivery. So keep it handy when our delivery personnel comes to visit you.
Why do the prices of medicine vary?
Medicine prices vary by geographical location and often change on a day to day basis due to regulations and distributors. The prices listed on our site act as guidance and help you understand if you are paying the right price for your medicines.
Why are there multiple pages for the same medicine?
The same medicine often comes in different strengths, usually indicated by salt weight. Further they come in different packs, aimed at frequency of usage. Please check for the correct version of the medicine specified by your doctor.
Where does eSwasthya obtain the information?
We have many qualified pharmacists on board who scan thousands of products to provide you the relevant and useful information about your medicines. We periodically review and update the information you use. Please read our Terms & conditions to understand your responsibilities and liabilities.
How can I report an error in the medicine information page?
You can click on the “Report error” link on any product page and send us the correct information. Our pharmacists will then validate your request and edit the information.
What is a generic substitute?
Substitutes depend on the composition and strength of constituent salts. Substitutes are medicines made by other manufactures using the same salt composition as your prescribed medicine .These medicines are often more affordable. Please note that substitutes change with the salt strength, even for same medicine name.
Can I just buy another medicine listed as substitute?
Yes, you can buy other substitutes if your prescription lists the salt names instead of a brand name. You can always encourage your doctor to write salts name on your prescription instead of a specific brand name.
Where can I check my Order Status?
You will receive regular SMS & Emails about your order. You can also track your order from your order history section. If there is any delay or change in your order, our customer care exective will call and inform you.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your order till it is not approved by eSwasthya. Orders once approved cannot be cancelled.
What is your return policy?
We accept returns if the medicine provided to you does not match your order, or if the medicine is past its expiry date. Please check your orders at the time of delivery and report any return request before you pay our delivery personnel.
Can I also order through E-mails?
Yes. You can send the list of medicines, your full address, contact number and valid prescription to order@eswasthya.in. We will then process the order and send you a confirmation.
How can I pursue partnerships & business development opportunities with eSwasthya?
Please contact us at care@eswasthya.in. Ensure that your subject line is 'Business Development' for faster reverts.
How do I know the medicines delivered are authentic?
The product is being supplied directly by the vendors associated with the Company and the Vendor concerned shall solely be responsible for the authenticity and genuineness of the product so ordered.